Know your skin type – Skin care series

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Today I am starting a new series for Skin Care which includes morning and night care routines for different types of skin. I will also add a weekly skin care routine and so on for us to have that radiance 😀 These will be a set of posts which will be coming up every week. And we shall cover one topic at once. Having a happy skin is like a dream come true so lets work towards it by staying connected 😀

Know your skin type:
Before we plan a skin care regime, it is very important to determine your skin type. So lets see which type of a skin you have…

Skin falls into four types:

Normal This is the most happy and comfortable skin type. It’s not oily nor dry. This skin type can with-hold the moisture and is supple and smooth most of the time.

Oily – Oily skin is mostly shiny and prone to have acne issues and large pores.

DryIt is flaky and dry with small pores

CombinationThis is the most problematic skin type as it has the qualities of all of the above skin types and that makes it more complex to maintain.

How do we determine which skin type you fall into? There is a very simple test for it.

Wash your face with your regular face-wash or anything you use for your face. (a mild face-wash is suggested). Now wait for half an hour without applying anything to your skin, leave it free and do not touch or disturb the skin.

Now for normal skin it’s just normal, its not oily or flaky.

For oily skin you will have a shine on complete face. You can see your face getting slightly greasy and you can check the same by dabbing a tissue on your skin.

For dry skin it becomes flaky and shows dead skin.

For combination skin the T- zone that is your nose, forehead and chin will become oily and again you can use a tissue by dabbing it on your T- zone to test. Rest of your face will be normal or dry.

So now you know your skin type. 😀
Any skin type needs regular care and attention, if not it tends to change because of environment, stress, lifestyle etc and gets worse.

So guys let me know what your skin type is and also comment below the issues you face with your skin in your everyday life. Let’s all discuss, share tips and sort out our skin issues 😀

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  1. Surya prakash roy says:

    Mine is combination skin sriramya 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Anonymous says:


    Luv ur bolgs.Oily skin here.Help Help!!!!


    1. Beauty Elixir says:

      Hey! Thanks you 😃


  3. rajani says:

    hi..ramya..good info.. plz post elaborated skin care in your next post ..


    1. Beauty Elixir says:

      Sure you will get all the info this is a series so lot of info will be shared stay connected 🙂


  4. suchitra pal says:

    Hai ramya,
    Nice post .very useful to everyone. Keep on posting . waiting for next….


    1. Beauty Elixir says:

      Thank you Suchi 😀


  5. Priya says:

    Nice post. I have a combination skin.


    1. Beauty Elixir says:

      Thank you Priya. Don’t worry will solve all your skin issues 🙂


  6. shene says:

    Loving your posts..keep ’em coming


    1. Beauty Elixir says:

      Thank you so much shene 😀


      1. Anonymous says:

        The basic thing for makeup..really a useful post..waiting fr the next post buddy 🙂


      2. Beauty Elixir says:

        Thank you so much 😀


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