Foundation Basics – Beginners Makeup series

Hello all!

Welcome back! We have the most exciting series starting this week that is “Makeeee upppp” 😃 . I loveeeee make up i know you do too but if you don’ worries you’ll start loving it by end of this complete series because skin care and makeup goes hand in hand and we are going to talk about both and make you beautiful. Now most of the people have this myth that make up harms skin IT DOES NOT, by no way it harms skin if we use the right product in a right way in the right proportions. So to understand that we are here. We will learn everything about make up, talk,share and discuss to be perfect.

I am not a makeup artist .. iam like you who has made so many mistakes and learnt few  and still learning. I am so excited to show you guys different looks but then i thought my readers should not make the basic mistakes what i did.  Basics like picking up right shade of foundation, concealer techniques, how bronzer work, importance of highlighter so many such things. Don’t  worry guys i got your back😛 i will not let you guys do any such mistakes 😀

Before any further ado lets jump into the topic.

Foundation is the basic of the makeup, if the foundation is perfect you are all good to go 😃

How to pick up right foundation: You will have to pick up your foundation according to your skin type. If you have oily skin ask for water-based foundation. If you have normal skin you can go for general liquid based ones or anything. If you have dry or combination skin mousse foundations are good. You can also try BB creams instead, though it has lite coverage compared to foundations but its good for college students and office wear too and It is good for daily use. I shall link few foundations at the end of this post for you to have an idea.

How to apply foundation: Now here you’ll  have to be little careful until your perfect. I usually apply primer before foundation. Primer helps make up last long. If you don’t want to use a primer you can completely ignore this step. Take two pumps of foundation on back of your palm apply it generously using a brush or your fingers on your face and neck (never ignore neck) Take damp foundation sponge this is a must do procedure…apply foundation using that sponge perfectly till it completely blends. Don’t forget to wet you sponge before.Damp sponge works really well.

 Now apply concealer below your eyes in a triangle and blend it with the same sponge also you can apply concealer to the ares where you have pigmentation and pimple marks and you wish to conceal them. Also you can apply  any of your favorite compact powder on top of foundation just make sure it matches your foundation shade. Oily skin ppl should must follow this step. And now your good to go. 😃

How to pick right shade : How do you know which foundation shade is yours. Very simple guys.Before you buy any foundation or BB always try the shade on your jawline by drawing a line from jaw to neck. If it matches your skin there that’s your shade. Try different brands and make note of the shade so that it will help you to order online if you need 😃

Tips and tricks:

  • What if you buy a shade darker. Don’t worry your not gonna waste your money just take few drops of your favorite moisturizer and mix it then apply😃
  • What if you buy a shade lighter just mix a liquid bronzer or if you have a light and dark shade foundation mix both to get the right shade

Here are some links just for an idea. I tried giving few drug store foundation links to make it budget friendly 😃 – maybelline-clear-glow-bright-benefit-cream

For normal to combination: – maybelline-dream-satin-skin-liquid-foundation

For oily skin: – revlon-colorstay-makeup-for-combination-oily-skin

For dry skin: – lakme-absolute-mattreal-skin-natural-mousse-16hr

My favorites and few high end foundations – bourjois-healthy-mix-foundation – l-oreal-paris-infallible-24h-foundation – ultra-hd-invisible-cover-foundation – skin-foundation-spf-15

Hope you guys like my post and this is of some help😃 please comment down and share my post.😃

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