Morning skin care Routine – Skin care series

Hello people

Welcome back to my skin care series. Today we will talk about Morning skin care routine. This is routine is common for all skin types. Though the actual products that you should use will be skin type specific.

A morning skin care routine prepares our skin for all that stress it’ll go through out the day. It can make a big difference in the clarity and cleanliness of our face. It can take some time to understand what product combinations to use. But once we do, we are not really far from healthy glowing skin 😀

So today I will share my skin care routine. I have normal skin but sometimes my skin go through breakouts due to environmental changes and other factors. So I strictly follow my morning and night care routines.

Step 1 – Cleansing:

I use paraben free cleanser. It’s good for oily skin too. I use Khadi cleanser. This is not so good for removing your make up as it can only remove very little of it. So I use it for my routines as its very mild. Good for sensitive skin too.

Take a coin size of this product between your palms and massage it in circular motion on your face and neck. Do this procedure atleast for a minute and wipe it with cotton.

Now use any of your favorite facewashes currently iam trying these Neutrogena ones. For oily skin you can use any  face wash with neem base atleast once a day.


Oily skin- Cetaphil, soultree, khadi, Himalaya herbals

Normal skin people can pick any cleanser from a good brand and use.

Sensitive skin can use products from Cetaphil, Avene, La Roshe Posy

Dry to combination suggestions: Neutogena, Bodyshop

Step 2 – Toning:

Toning is an important step to finish the process of cleansing, yet many people choose to leave this step out. Toning is a very important part of morning routine it helps in removing bits if oil,dirt and debris left behind by the cleanser. Toning helps to soothe,nourish,and hydrate the skin most importantly it restores the pH balance of skin.

I use KAYA toner. I generously spritz it over my face and neck and wipe it with cotton.
Suggestions: Below brands has toners for all skin types. These are few suggested brands.

Kaya,Avene, Fabindia, Forest essential, Bodyshop and Himalaya.

Now the last step is moisturising.

Step 3 – Moisturize:

Use a good moisturizer post shower with some SPF in it during day times. It will protect you from sun. Applying moisturizer creates a barrier on your skin that keeps oils escaping from harmful outside elements which causes dryness or irritation. Also apply sunblock to your face and neck to protect you from harmful UV rays. I scrub my lips after brushing by using the same brush and post bath i apply a good lip balm to moisturise my lips 😃


  • Vichy
  • Lotus herbals
  • Bodyshop
  • Lacto calamine
  • Fab india
  • Vlcc

These are few brands which has variety of creams and lotion for various skin types. You can pick up your favourite 😀

That’s all for my morning skin care routine. I would like to keep it really simple in the morning so that it’ll be easy to follow without taking any extra time out. I do the cleansing part before taking shower and toning, moisturizing post shower to manage time.

Hope my post is of some help to you guys also share what is your morning care routines and write me if you need any help or suggestions in your skin care routines 😃
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  1. Great Tips… Great Read….. Thanks will be checking back again!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Beauty Elixir says:

      Thanks a ton 🙂


  2. Pooja_s says:

    Nice write up ramya . Help ful for office goers like me to keep watch on skin without taking much of our time. Waitin for more tips like these 🙂 happy writing 🙂


    1. Beauty Elixir says:

      Thank you Pooja 🙂


  3. Siri says:

    Gud suggestions dear.. :-)U didn’t mention anything about scrubbing in the above procedures..


    1. Beauty Elixir says:

      Thank you siri😃 scrubbing is not suggested for everyday use and this is basically a everyday routine. And my scrubbing goes into my night care routine coz you know how busy people are these days 😃 i want to make it simple and easy for everybody. Please follow for more information there are many more tips coming up😃


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