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In our last post from the make up series we have learnt how to apply foundation and concealer. Now lets move on to the next step – Eyes. This is the step where you can be innovative and try different looks. Rest of the steps are very common in make up. Eye makeup is pretty exciting part of any look we do.

Another important thing which I missed to mention in my previous post is to prepare our skin before applying any makeup that is cleansing and moisturizing. Just wash your face with any cleanser, tone it and moisturize. This will help you to have a healthy skin and avoid damage.

Now lets get into the topic without making this further long 😃

Step 1

After you conceal your eye area, apply a shade close to your skin all over eye as base. Now take a lite shade like white, champagne, subtle pink etc to your inner corners and below your eyebrows to high light. This will make your eyes look opened and bright. I am using Makeup Revolution Palette for all lighter shades.


Step 2

Apply a dark color eye shadow on to your crease, it does not have to be really dark but do make sure it is darker than any other shades which we use on our eyes. I have used black color shade from Nickak Newyork palatte, you can use any color you like. Apply it in a wind shield motion, take more of eye shadow if you desire and repeat the same procedure.

Step 3

Take gold or any lite shimmer shade and place exactly on your eyelid. I have used bronze color. Now take a blending brush and blend all the eye-shadow without having any rough ends.

Step 4

Curl your lashes with a curler (optional). Apply a thin line of eyeliner and kajal / khol on your waterline and thightline. I applied it first, you can apply anytime during this process. Now apply your favorite mascara by taking the wand and wiggling it from bottom of your eyelashes to up. This will help your eyelashes look separated and nice.


This completes our eye look. 😃 i loved it! Did you? Also you can use single eye-shadow, highlight and mascara if you have time constraint.


  • Put some loose powder below your eye area before applying eye-shadow and dust it once your done with your eye-make up. This will help you in easily removing that extra shadow which usually falls on your cheeks.
  • Have patience and blend your eye-shadow well for desired look.
  • Heat up curler by using a hair dryer this will help you curl your eyelashes really well also you can curl your eye lashes after applying mascara which also helps in getting good curled lashes. But make sure your mascara has dried out.
  • Define your eyebrows with a eyebrow pencil or use a dark brown eye-shadow, this will enhance your eye look.
  • Always remove your eye-makeup before sleeping using a makeup remover or oil. Do not ever sleep with makeup on.

Hope you guys enjoyed my post. If you like it, please don’t forget to leave a comment below. It would mean a lot to me 😊 Also if you try this look make sure you send me a pic of yours. I would love to see. All my social media is linked below please make sure you follow me 😄

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  1. dashoffashiongirl says:


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    1. Beauty Elixir says:

      Thank you dear 🙂

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      1. dashoffashiongirl says:

        ♥ ♥ you’re very welcome


  2. henniekb says:

    This eye make up really suits you:) I did my daily make up routine yesterday with similar colours on my eyes! xxxxxx

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    1. Beauty Elixir says:

      Hey thank you! Saw you link too it suited you pretty well 😀 If you like my posts please follow me that would mean a lot to me ☺️


  3. suchitra says:

    It’s nice…but you have not mentioned any product detail you have used..


    1. Beauty Elixir says:

      Hi Suchitra. I have used makeup revloution eye palatte for this look 🙂 mentioned in step 1 for darker shadow I used Nickak newyork palatte which I bought from flipkart. 😀


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