Review: Maybelline WhiteSuperFresh Compact and Fashion Brow Duo Shaper

Hello people

How are you guys doing? Hope you enjoyed your festival 😃 I am back with a new review on two of the Maybelline products – The White Super Fresh compact and Fashion Brow Duo Shaper.

Maybelline White Super Fresh Compact:

I have been using this product for 2 weeks now. The packaging is round and cute and looks fresh with white plastic packaging. It has a very mild and pleasant smell. It’s definitely a very good product but it doesn’t stay fresh for 12 hours as the product claims, it is like any other compact powders and you will have to reapply it for every 4 hours specially if you’re living in coastal/humid regions. Overall verdict on this product is its super good for the price we get and it definitely gives you a fresh look instantly 😃

Price: Rs 150/-

Shade: I am in the shade pearl.

Maybelline Duo brow shaper (brown):

What should I talk about this product I should say I am addicted to it now. For people who have never done their eyebrows before, start with this product and see the difference. It stays for really a long time I apply it in the morning and it stays till evening .. a span of 9 hours I would say. And the packaging is very much travel friendly and it’s pretty affordable too. Its a steal guys just buy it. 😃

Price: Rs 245/- 

How to apply: Use the pencil side first which is the wax and draw the shape and fill the brow with light hand next use the powder side to fill it properly and for a fuller look. If your in hurry you can just use the powder side and your good to go.

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