Contour and Highlight – Makeup series

Hello people,

Hope you guys are doing good! Today let’s learn about the importance of Contour and Highlight and how to do it in this next post in Makeup series.

Contour: Contouring is nothing but outlining. It helps in defining your features and gives you a sculpted look and helps your face look slimmer and defined.

How to contour: Choose a bronzer or contour powder which are 2 shades darker than your skin tone. Get a good contour brush and contour kit. Now identify the places you will have to contour..make a fish mouth and map the hallow of the cheeks also outline side of your nose, temples and double chin. Contouring should be done in those areas which are in shadow. In the picture below, I have used a bronze colored pencil and outlined my features for you all to identify. If you are doing the same, please make sure you use the pencil lite handed. Now take a little contour powder on your brush and blend it over the outline very well. Use a very tiny amount of product initially so that you’ll not end up messing with it. Remember to blend it really well because we don’t need the brown line showing off.

Highlighting: Highlighting is a beautiful technique, it enhances your features and gives your face a instant and healthy glow. Highlighting is done on highest points of your face which basically reflects light like bridge of nose, highest point of cheeks, chin, cupid bow and middle area of forehead. You can choose any highlight powder of your choice, you even get cream highlighters too. Any eye shadow palette and contour kit would have a highlight shade. The lightest and slightly shimmed shades are used for highlighting. You should highlight your face using a fan brush or any brush you like, you just need to be lite handed.

Blush: Blushing adds a hint of color to your face and gives you healthy looking cheeks. You should smile to find out the apple of your cheeks and apply it there.

I have attached a cheat sheet below from Pinterest for you all to have a fair idea.

The dark brown color codes are for contour and lite brown for highlight and pink is for blush. Highlighting and contouring is done majorly during special occasions where you need to click lot of photographs. These techniques make a lot of difference in how your face looks. Initially you may find it a little difficult but once you gain expertise ..  you will start loving it😃. Its worth giving it a try.

Any queries or doubts on the above topic, please feel free to ask via comments below, I would be more than happy to help 😃

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  1. shene says:

    Hey do a pic by pic for contouring naa! Been trying to do it forever..That would be great

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    1. Beauty Elixir says:

      Sure 😃👍🏻


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