Night time skin care routine – skincare series 

Hello people!

I am back with another important routine for skin that is night time skincare routine. Now my skin care routine is little elaborate because I feel that night is best time for skin to rejuvenate and replenish. I’ll go in a step wise order.

1) Cleansing:

Now, if you have makeup on remove it with makeup remover or use wet-wipes… then use cleansing milk and massage it for 30 to 40 seconds, this helps in removing that debris of oil and makeup on skin and helps prevent break-outs.

2) Bathing:

I take bath in nights irrespective of the season. I use a good body wash which is mild and aromatic.. this calms all your senses and helps having a pleasant mood. You can skip this step totally if you don’t feel like it. But make sure you use a good face wash to wash your face before sleeping. I am using Sand”Oh Curcumal”face cleanser these days, it’s a sample I received in my Fabbag and I am totally loving it and its purely organic.

3)  Moisturizing:

Post bath I moisture my complete body using a good moisturizer. I use Bodyshop ones, this prevents my skin getting dry and you can use any moisturizer you like. Also use a good lip balm to moisturize your lips and under eye cream for the area around your eye.

4) Serum and night cream:

Serums are very good for skin, they are intense treatments which help prevent ageing and pigmentation. I start by spritzing Kama Ayurveda Rose Water and will let it dry. Later I use Just Herbs Facial Serum followed by Kaya Night Cream. I suggest you to pick up night creams according to your skin type.

5) Moisturize hands and feet:

Just before going to bed I apply almond oil or baby oil to my feet and put on socks, I also massage my nails and palms with same oil. This helps my feet and hands remain soft.

This completes my current night care routine, now if you don’t have time for all this … simply cleanse your face with a face wash and apply a good night cream.

I have attached a sheet below to help you understand clearly the morning and night routine products that one should use.

skin care

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      Thank you so much sweets 😃

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