Easy manicure steps at home – DIY

Hello guys!

How are you doing? Today I would be giving just 3 easy steps to do manicure at home. This is the most requested post. So without any further ado lets get into the topic.

  1. Trimming and shaping : Use a nail clipper to cut your nails. Make sure cut only those extras which you want. Take a nail shaper and blunt all the sharp edges and give them a perfect shape. Always file nails in one direction filing back and front can cause splits.
  2. Cleaning and buffing : Oil your cuticles and soak your nails  for 5 minutes and scrub them gently and clean them. Pat it dry and push your cuticles back. This will help the nails to grow. Use a buffer to buff the nail and give them that extra shine.
  3. Moisture and polish: Once you’re done with the above process, moisture you nails and palms. Apply a base coat leave it for 5 minutes and apply your favorite polish.


For those who don’t have time to soak their nail I advise them to take a brush put some shampoo on it and brush them once in a week while taking bath. This way the nails will remain clean.

Massaging nails with almond or olive oil everyday night will help in blood circulation and give healthy nails

I suggest to round the edges of the nail, this way it looks more classic and prevents the risk of breakage.

Soaking nails in milk also strengthens the nails.

I have attached a sheet below for your understanding😃

Hope you liked my post. Please comment below on what you guys want to see in my coming posts. Also follow me in all my social networks 😃

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