Banana Berry Shake 😀🍹

Hellooo ppl,

How are you doing? By now you must have understood what are we going to talk about 😄 yes! All time healthy and tasty recipe “Banana Berry Shake”. This is a healthier breakfast option for those who are planning to loose their weight too. You can replace your breakfast with this smoothie once in a while. Lets get into the recipe now 😀


  • 2 Bananas 
  • 5 strawberries ( u can add according to your choice)
  • 1 small cup Milk
  • 1+1/2 tbsp Honey or sugar

For much healthier and low calorie drink use skimmed milk or low fat yogurt instead of whole milk and honey instead of sugar.

Serves two.

How to make:

  1. Peel the skin of bananas and slice them.
  2. Cut the berries into quarters.
  3. Deep freeze them for few hours. I usually freeze them overnight if I am planning to have this next day for my breakfast. 😃

This is how they will look once they are frozen

Put all the ingredients and pour just half glass of milk first in a blender and blend it till its smooth.

Pour rest of the milk and blend it again

Pour it into a nice mason jar or glass and enjoy your drink 😃 Its super yummy guys you must try 😋

 Hope you liked my post. Let me know how you liked the recipe if you try it 😊 Also don’t forget to send me pic in any of my social media if you recreate this recipe I would love to see 😀 I have more such recipes, lemme know if you want to see them too.

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