Maybelline Lip Gradation – Review

Hello all,

Welcome back! Today Iam back with another review on Maybelline lip gradation lipcolours which are popularly known as Colorblurs in other countries. Lipgradations are launched in 8 shades a month ago in India and I have been trying since then.

I own two Colorblurs in the shade 20 Orange ya glad and 10 Fast & Fuchsia and one Lip gradation in the shade Mauve 1.


How to achieve Gradation: Apply lip color on center of lips and then blend the color outwards.

Packaging: Packaging is in the pencil form and made of plastic which is very easy to carry and occupies less space. Its covered with a plastic wrapper where all the important information is written on … like the usage and ingredients. The product has a sponge in the bottom which will be used to achieve gradation. We will have to roll out the sponge area to get the bottom out.

Now the flaw of this packaging is the sponge which gets dirty in one use and cant really clean it well.. because of which we will not be able to use it after few uses.

Pigmentation: Pigmentation is quite good. It glides on the lips like butter and color is opaque. It stays on lips for good 3 to 4 hours, dark colors may stay little a longer. Easy to remove. But it wipes of easily if you eat something and it does transfer. The Gradation technique didn’t really work for me because I do have a my own lip color I think all our Indian lips are naturally pigmented so it doesn’t work.

Mauve 1 hand swatch

Mauve 1 blurred lip swatch

Price: Rs 500/- for 1.25 gms

Pros and cons of Lip Gradation:


  • Nice packaging.
  •  Opaque color.
  • Easy to apply.


  • Launched in only pinks, oranges and reds.
  • It drys out my lips.
  • Color coding can be better lip like colorblur instead of naming 1&2.

Comparison of ColorBlurs and Gradation : I straight away recommend Colorblurs because of so many factors.  Firstly they stayed on my lips almost all day those too gets transferred but not so much. It has rubber sponge to blend which is extremely easy to clean. And the packaging is same but all the info is on the pencil straight away which again a big yayyyy.

Below are shade swatches 😃 I did blur the color a bit on lips 😊

Orange ya glad

Fast & Fuchsia


So my final verdict is the Gradation pencils are good but if you can get Colorblurs somehow get them.

Hope you like my post.. Also comment below if you want to see more such reviews. Please follow me on all my social media 🙂

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