Happy Holi

Hey Guys!💁

It’s Holi Time.. 😀 Its almost around the corner so Happy Holi to you all 😘🤗 I think this is one of the most celebrated festival across India. It is so much fun to play with colors but later we face all that difficulties to get  rid of those colors on skin but that doesn’t mean we should stop playing right! So i am going to give you few simple and easy tricks to have a happy skin and hair and celebrate your festival without any concerns.


Apply coconut or olive oil to your complete body you can also use petroleum jelly.

Apply a coat of petroleum jelly in and around your ears also in middle of your fingers because that is the place where most of the color gets accumulated.

If you’re worried about suntan you can apply a coat of SPF.


Oil your hair and tie it up.


Apply few coats of nail polish preferably dark once this way the color will remove easily when your remove the polish.

Post holi celebrations make sure your rinse your hair and body just with water till the color comes off.

The color stain may still be there but do not be harsh on yourself  do not use any harsh chemicals use a herbal shampoo and mild soap.

Dont scrub on the same day. Apply thick coat of moisturiser post bath.

Do not go for any skin or hair treatments before holi not even waxing. Try getting it done after the day of celebration.

Make up:

You can just apply a tinted sunblock and leave it natural or you can apply SPF and BB cream with your favorite lipstick and mascara. Don’t forget to keep it simple.

Finally try to use subtle colors for playing. Use dry colors. Let’s not waste water guys. Its very precious. Also dry color comes off easily 😀👍🏻

Don’t let the color go into your eyes. If you still have stains anywhere on body don’t be harsh. Give it sometime. Get good rest 😃

Alright guys that’s it for now. I shall see you next week with a new post. Please don’t forget to share your tips in comment box below. It will be of so much help to many people.

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