Top 5 Khadi Products

Hey there

How are you all doing? Couple of months back i posted in my facebook page asking which herbal brands reviews you guys would be interested in. Many of you chose Khadi. So i have tried few Khadi products for 2 months now and picked up 5 best products which i really liked.

So without further ado let’s get started. 😀

So these are the products i tried. And i filtered from these. So if you want to know review of any of the below, please snapchat me at sriramya9

  1. Khadi Aloe vera gel
  2. Khadi Handcream
  3. Khadi Teatree and neem face wash
  4. Khadi Lavender Soap
  5. Khadi Rose face pack
  6. Khadi hair tonic
  7. Khadi bodymassage oil
  8. Khadi cucumber cleansing milk
  9. Khadi Sandalwood moisturiser

Below 2 are recent purchases

10. Khadi shikkakai shampoo

11. Khadi rose cleanser

Khadi Aloe Vera Gel

This is a must have product especially this summer. It cools the skin and makes it super soft. This helps me get rid of my pimples in just 2 nights. Helps in sunburn, rashes, under eye dark circles also can be applied to hair for conditioning. I mix it in my moisturizer and apply everyday in the night.  And I am using my second bottle. So if you don’t have one still..get one. I very highly recommend this. 👍🏻

Khadi Body Massage oil.

This is another great product from Khadi. Again it has so many benefits. It smells divine. When i bought this it was still winter so i used to massage this oil all over my body and take bath in the nights. It is so calming and relaxing. Moisturises skin at its best. Apply it to nails everyday and sleep to strengthen your nails. Helps healing dry areas of body and cracked heels. Also i use it as cleansing oil to remove makeup and apply it to end of the roots where my hair is very dry and wash it. It literally softens.

Here’s a quick DIY body scrub using this oil.

Take 4 tbsp of Sugar and 2 tbsp of Khadi massage oil. Apply it all over the body and scrub. This helps get rid of tan, dead cells and moisturizes skin.

Khadi Henna and Tulasi Extra Conditioning Shampoo

I am literally slayed by this shampoo. It’s paraben and SLS free so it works even if you have colored hair. It lathers up very well and cleans scalp. It leaves the hair soft and happy. You can have good hair day everyday with this shampoo.

Khadi rose face  pack

I am a big face mask junkie. And i always like to try new packs. Khadi face packs are usually good. The other variants in this range especially the neem one is worth a try. These face mask cleanses skin and brightens them. Start using face masks if you’re not doing it yet. It’s a must this summer.


Khadi Hand Cream

A hand cream is a must in my night routine. Now this hand cream is good for extremely dry hands. It worked the best for my mom. I use it for my heels and elbows at night. It’s too creamy so you may not be able to use them in the mornings. But worth giving it a try.

Only down part of Khadi product is their packaging. The lids break very fast and it’s too difficult to open specially if you’re in shower.

So that’s it guys. Hope it is helpful. I am planning to try more herbal brands like Fab India, Krono kare etc. Lemme know in the comment section if you have a request for any particular product or brand. I’ll be more than happy to do.

None of the products are sponsored. I love doing this for you guys. All my reviews are genuine and they will always be.

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