Summer Essentials

Hello guys😀🙋🏻

How are you all doing? So, its official summer. And I am here with some quick tips to take care of you and your beautiful skin. We all know Indian summers are extremely hot. So these essentials will help you protect yourself. So without further ado let’s get started.


Sunscreen: It is the most common and must have product in any season. Please do not skip on this step as its proven that direct sunrays hitting your skin can lead to skin cancer. Choose a sunscreen with UVA & UVB protection and with PA+++ and choose SPF wisely according to the time your exposed to sun. If you choose SPF 15 it will protect you for 150 min or if you choose SPF 30 it will protect you for 300 mins. I personally suggest 30 SPF and reapply after 2 to 3 hours. Lotus herbals has good options to try.  If you’re less exposed to sun i still suggest to use sunscreen with minimum SPF of 20.

Use a body lotion with SPF, we have so many options today. We don’t want our hands and feet to tan.

If you’re some one who uses makeup using BB cream with SPF is suggested. Maybelline has SPF in its BB cream and foundation.

Use a  thermal water face-mist when in sun. It helps in instantly refreshing. You can also use other face mists from fabindia or bodyshop too

Using aloe vera gel on your skin at nights will moisture and helps from sunburn

For lips: You can use Neutrogena lip balm or lakme lipbalm it has SPF 15.

Ya I know I am mentioning SPF everywhere but its must girls you need this protection we can’t run away.


Your hair can go through terrible damage if not protected. Use a good conditioner after shampoo and Bblunt anti-frizz damage control cream to protect from heat.

Top buns are fashionable and safe. Use a scarf/Hat or umbrella to protect your hair from direct sunlight.

Eyes: Don’t leave home without sunglasses. Use coolpads or just soak cotton pads in cold milk or rose-water and place them on your eyes once your back home. Use eye cream or gel before going to bed.

Stay hydrated by drinking lot of water, juices, coconut water. You can try also any of my detox recipes at home which also keeps you hydrated or you can simply buy some vitamin water which are available in the market.

Wear breathable clothes. Stay stylish and simple😃👍🏻

That’s it for now guys. Hope its helpful. You can contact me in any of my social media for any queries or just share your thoughts.😊

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