Bling bag- Jewellery subscription

Hey ladies!

How are you all doing? I am back yet again with a new subscription box. As promised, I am trying my best to introduce new subscription services/bags every month. So as a part of that I am introducing Bling Bag today.😍💁

Bling bag is a monthly subscription bag. You will be getting 3 to 4 blings which are nothing but jewellery pieces. They curate the jewellery according to your taste. All you need to do is fill a questionnaire correctly. And the bag will be delivered to your doorstep. For someone who is looking for good jewellery pieces and confused what to buy I think you can give this a try. I personally love jewellery and I can never get enough with statement pieces. So for me it’s a great option also it’s perfect for gifting purposes. You can return them back the bag if you don’t like the blings. Sounds great right 😍😃

But the only problem I faced with them is the questionnaire. I have filled all the questions perfectly according to my taste and there is this one question which says “What does your everyday bling routine include?” I said its earrings as I am not gonna wear all jazz everyday. They have considered only that question and have sent me all four earrings.😳😐 I am very upset and pretty mad at them. Thought of returning back but they are going to deduct the shipping charges and bank charges.. also I will have to again pay for the courier service and return it back which all put together is costing me Rs. 800/-. half the price of the bag. So i found there is no point returning back the bag. 😒


However, I must say curating jewelry for everyone is certainly difficult and such things happen. My point of mentioning what happened with me is not to put any negative reviews but I just wanted my readers to know about the questionnaire so that they make sure the tick couple of other choices instead of one.

Overall I like the bag the blings are of good quality. 😀👍🏻 Just be a little conscious about their questionnaire. Their customer support is the best👌🏻. They replied me late in the nights too which is highly appreciated. I personally recommend this bag to everyone. Worth trying is atleast once.


You can buy @

None of the products which are shown in my website are sponsored. All are genuine reviews and recommendations:)

That’s all for this post guys. See you soon in my next post. Wish to see unboxing of my subscription boxes? Then do not forget to add me in your snapchat. Also follow me on all my social media linked below for more updates.

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