Ramzan Makeup

Happy Ramzan Friends!

I feel so nostalgic today. I remember celebrating Ramzan with all my friends during my childhood. We used to dress up and wait for Biryani and Kheer to reach our homes and it was so much fun. Now that Ramzan is here I created a very simple yet festive makeup look which can be easily achieved. So without any further ado let’s get started.😃

Step 1

Finish your base and prime your lids. If you don’t have a primer you can use concealor.

Step 2

Use light brown eyeshadow all over lids as transition shade. Now take blue color eyeshadow and gently pat the colour towards inner corner half and on to the crease. Blend it gently so that there are no harsh lines. You can use a teal pencil to make an outline and then follow it with a blue eyeshadow that way you will not mess up the look.

Step 3

Pat rose gold or golden eyeshadow just on top of the lid. Highlight your brow bone and inner corners. Wing your liner and apply a coat of mascara. Now you go can for false eyelashes or just leave it here. Just place the lashes on top of your natural lashes as shown and press them gently .

Extend the blue eyeshadow a bit to the lower lash line till half way.

Now finish off with some blush, highlight and neutral lips and your done! This is the finished look. 😀

That’s it for now guys. Hope you liked it. Please follow me in all my social media and show some love. See you soon. And once again a very happy Ramzan to everybody.😘😊

You can write your queries at beautyelixir03@gmail.com


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