Must have Beauty Essentials This Season

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How are you all doing? In my last post you have seen Monsoon Makeup Essentials . Now lets see how we can tackle our skin and hair problems this season.

Monsoon can become the most hated season if you miss out on your skin care routine. Skin will tend to become dull and lifeless and so does your hair. So lets know some simple tips and DIY to keep your skin and hair healthy.

Starting with skin, it’s very important to follow a cleansing, toning and moisturizing method everyday. Use a mild cleanser with tea tree as it will help control acne. One from Nyassa and Bodyshop are good options to consider.

For toning you can use any of your favorites or you can simple stick to rose-water as it has antibacterial properties or you can DIY your own toner by making 1 cup of green/chamomile or rose tea up to your taste. Do not add any sweeteners. Make it pure and let it cool down. Filter it and pour it in a spray bottle and refrigerate. It’s suggested to make toners in small batches and replace them within a week.

I spoke about the moisturizer in my previous post click here to see or you can also try out the Himalaya moisturizer.

Do exfoliate your face once in two days also your body once in a week. This will help you get rid of dry skin and stay radiant.

Use face packs once or twice in a week for that extra cleansing. You can simply buy your favorites  or use a Multani mitti pack which is equally good.

Here comes the most problematic part of monsoons “Hair”. I seriously hate how my hair turns during monsoons. It will become frizzy with oily scalp and dry ends, sometimes even dandruff which leads to hair-fall. Scary right?! So lets follow these simple steps to get rid of all these issues.

Use anti dandruff shampoo. After shampooing mix equal amounts of Apple cider vinegar and water and pour it on your scalp and hair. Rinse it after a minute.

DIY Hair mask for dandruff

1) Soak fenugreek seeds(methiseeds) overnight and grind it into paste the next morning.

2) Mix sour card, lemon and mix it well till it becomes a paste.

3) Apply to scalp and leave for half hour to  40 min and then rinse it off with shampoo.

Immediately shampoo and condition your hair if your are drenched in rain.

Use 2 to 3 drop of Argan oil or any oil to the end of your hair this will work best than any serum.

Give yourself a nice hot oil massage at least once a week.

That’s all for now guys. I am linking few of my favorite products down for you to directly shop. Please do follow me on all my social media for more updates.

Nyassa cleanser – Nyassa-refreshing-natural-ingredients-145ml

Kaya skin health routine : kaya-skin-health-routine

St.Ives scrub – st-ives-fresh-skin-apricot-face-scrub-170-g

Skin Yoga coffee body scrub – skinyoga-coffee-body-scrub

Cetaphil Moisturising lotion – cetaphil-moisturising-lotion-250ml

Lotus Natural Glow Daily Moisturiser – lotus-herbals-naturalglow-daily-tinted-moisturiser-spf-25ml

Argan oil – Nyassa-Argan-Pressed-Carrier-100ml

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