Mini Body Shop Haul

Hi there!

How are you all doing? If you’re following me for a while you already know that I love bodyshop. I bought a few products recently and thought of sharing with you guys. So without further ado let’s get started.

Strawberry Body Wash

I always stock up on this product. This is my most favorite and cannot do without this product.

Rs. 409/- for 250ml

Buy here –Body-Shop-Strawberry-Shower-250ml

Body shop Satsuma body polish

This is again one my favorite products. This is a perfect body polish and gives radiant skin after every use.

Rs. 625/- for 200 ml

Buy here – Body-Shop-Polish-Satsuma-Ounce

Bodyshop Plum frosted shimmer moisturiser

I bought this product because of its shimmer. Its loaded with shimmer guys and I must say this is perfect party moisturiser. You can use on highest points of your face also the tiny shimmer particles  in this moisturiser gives that shine to your body. Make sure you use an applicator to use. You don’t want shimmer to stick on your palms and ruin your clothes.

Rs. 895/- for 150 ml

Buy here – frosted-plum_shimmer-body-lotion-plum

Peach body mist

OMG guys I loved this product. I am usually not a big fan of sweet-smelling products but this one is soooo good to use.

Rs. 795/- for 100 ml

Buy here – vineyard-peach-body-mist

Fijian water lotus body mist

This is a perfect everyday scent and the fragrance gives a very calming effect.

Rs. 1095/- for 100ml

Buy here – fijian-water-lotus-fragrance-mist-100ml

Indian Night Jasmine body mist

Unlike our regular jasmine mist this isn’t harsh. It’s very mild and makes a perfect evening mist.

Rs. 1095/- for 100ml

Buy here – indian-night-jasmine-fragrance-mist

That’s it for now guys . Hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what’s your favorite product. Also please show some love by following me on my social media linked below.

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