Healthy snacking 🍌🍎🧀

Hey guys!

I am back again with another food post. This time I will not be asking you to go into the kitchen and cook something healthy. I have been trying some easily available healthy snacks in the market and I thought of sharing them with you all.Now here If your counting your macros and calories you need to adjust the portion size by yourself.

My first preference in snacking is always to munch on some nuts and fruits. If you love them then good for you if not at-least try having one serving each in a day by mixing them in your cereals.


My next preference is Greek yogurt. This is not only a healthy snack but it also adds protein to your diet. I have been loving the one from Epigamia. You can also have flavored yogurts. The one from Nestle is easily available.



Soya milk is also a good option for your protein intake and post workout snacking.

Also I have been trying few packaged snacks. I like all of them except the rice crackers. They are quite bland I should probably find a flavored once or try with salsa. I am attaching the pics below and the nutritional chart of each.






That’s it for now guys. Hope you liked the post. Have you tried any healthy snacks?  Comment your thoughts on it below and please follow me in all my social media linked below as well😃

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