Halloween Makeup 💀👽👻🎃🎃

Happy Halloween guys😀

How are you guys doing. Before I could even start, have you guys entered my giveaway which is running yet? If you haven’t, do checkout the 1st Anniversary Giveaway post. With that being said I can’t believe its Halloween already. Halloween tutorials are all over internet and so I was inspired to do my own version of Halloween makeup. I am always very much attracted and actually influenced by Egyptian women makeup. They have a flawless base and that heavy khol eyes are to die for. I love to have loads of kajals for my eyes. I feel kajal makes eyes look big and sexy. So I was looking for some pinterest ideas and saw this amazing yet simple eye makeup. So here is my take of the look.

Step 1: Prep and prime your skin because we don’t want to mess up our base.

Step 2: Make sure you had a proper foundation base and well contoured face.

Step 3: Prime your eyelids and draw an outline on your outer corner of the eye with brown pencil. This makes sure that we have control on what we want. Later take a brown eyeshadow on the same blending brush and go over the outline which we drew.

Once it’s nicely blended, take a bit of black eyeshadow and intensify the crease.

Step 4: Apply kajal on your water line and tight-line. Also do your regular winged liner. It’s up to you on how big you want your wing. Then like shown in the picture extend the line from your inner corners towards your nose like how you do a wing. This will create a cat eye.

Step 5: Now draw a line parallel to the wing and draw inner and outer curves as shown in the image. Start with lite hand and intensify going on.

Step 6: Put on some blush and highlight with any of your favorite lip-shade. Go nude or bold whatever you prefer.

So this is the final look. I absolutely love how it turned out. I finished it of with a head-gear. You can find the links for all the makeup and head-gear below.

Makeup break down:

Base – Concealer: Makeup revolution concealer stick in the shade Fair 01 –  got it in Fab bag
Brows: Used black shade in same palette
Accessory / Head-gear: Habors Gold Multilayer Hair Chain 

Hope you enjoyed this post as much I enjoyed doing it. All my social medias are linked below.

You can write your queries at beautyelixir03@gmail.com


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