Collective haul

This is a mix of skin care and makeup also I have been collecting these lately, so here goes..

Aviance Hydra Balance range

Hey guys How are you all doing? It has been a while since I wrote something about skincare products so I thought I’ll put up a review on something which I started using recently. I have normal skin but my skin tends to go slightly dry during winters. So I needed something to restore that balance. The other…

 Halloween Makeup 💀👽👻🎃🎃

Happy Halloween guys😀. This is my own version of Halloween makeup, very much attracted and actually influenced by Egyptian women makeup. The flawless base and that heavy khol eyes are to die for. I love to have loads of kajals for my eyes. I feel kajal makes eyes look big and sexy

Best Kajals of 2016

Hey there! Kajals or Khol pencils, they are one of our holy grails. Many of us can’t do without one. A bit of kajal adds that color and gives all that sexiness to our eyes and brightens up the face. I love to try different kajals and this year I found a few pretty good kajals…

Purple pink smokey eyes 😍💁💕

Fall season is almost here. And we are celebrating Ganesh Navratri that means festive season has arrived. I shall be doing couple of festive make up looks which are extremely easy to achieve. I love makeup and I love trying different looks and I love sharing them with you guys.

Must have Beauty Essentials This Season

Hi there! How are you all doing? In my last post you have seen Monsoon Makeup Essentials . Now lets see how we can tackle our skin and hair problems this season. Monsoon can become the most hated season if you miss out on your skin care routine. Skin will tend to become dull and lifeless…

Monsoon Makeup Essentials

Hi guys! How are you all doing? Monsoon is here and its raining cats and dogs in India. So I thought of sharing my Monsoon Makeup Essentials and a simple makeup look with you all. Moisturizer: Whatever the season is you need to moisturize your face, specially something with SPF helps you maintain your skin….