Top 5 Mac lipsticks

Hey all! Welcome back! It has been a while since I did a post on lipsticks. So I thought why not I do one taking the most loved and favorite brand of ours. Today I will show you my top 5 MAC  lipsticks for current season. These look perfect on every Indian skin-tone. Mac Mehr…

Everyday Monochromatic Brown eyes

Hey all! How are you doing? I wore this look today and thought of sharing. It’s a very easy Monochromatic look which can easily achieved. I chose brown as its perfect for everyday. You can choose any color and make it more beautiful.

Monsoon Makeup Essentials

Hi guys! How are you all doing? Monsoon is here and its raining cats and dogs in India. So I thought of sharing my Monsoon Makeup Essentials and a simple makeup look with you all. Moisturizer: Whatever the season is you need to moisturize your face, specially something with SPF helps you maintain your skin….

Its a Haul😍😀💕💁💄

Hello girls How are you all doing? How is your summer going on. I am having lot of fun playing in beaches and sun-kissed makeup looks 😀 On that note I would like to say I have shopped a bit of makeup and skin care recently. Its been a while I haven’t done any haul…