Happy Holi

Hey Guys!💁 It’s Holi Time.. 😀 Its almost around the corner so Happy Holi to you all 😘🤗 I think this is one of the most celebrated festival across India. It is so much fun to play with colors but later we face all that difficulties to get  rid of those colors on skin but…

Night time skin care routine – skincare series 

I am back with another important routine for skin – night time skincare routine, which I feel is best for skin to rejuvenate and replenish.

Get Set Glow

Quick and easy tips to make your skin glow for this Diwali 🙂

Morning skin care Routine – Skin care series

Hello people Welcome back to my skin care series. Today we will talk about Morning skin care routine. This is routine is common for all skin types. Though the actual products that you should use will be skin type specific. A morning skin care routine prepares our skin for all that stress it’ll go through out…

Know your skin type – Skin care series

Hello ppl How are you guys doing? 😀 Today I am starting a new series for Skin Care which includes morning and night care routines for different types of skin. I will also add a weekly skin care routine and so on for us to have that radiance 😀 These will be a set of posts which will…