Everyday Monochromatic Brown eyes

Hey all! How are you doing? I wore this look today and thought of sharing. It’s a very easy Monochromatic look which can easily achieved. I chose brown as its perfect for everyday. You can choose any color and make it more beautiful.

Purple pink smokey eyes 😍💁💕

Fall season is almost here. And we are celebrating Ganesh Navratri that means festive season has arrived. I shall be doing couple of festive make up looks which are extremely easy to achieve. I love makeup and I love trying different looks and I love sharing them with you guys.

Ramzan Makeup

Happy Ramzan Friends! I feel so nostalgic today. I remember celebrating Ramzan with all my friends during my childhood. We used to dress up and wait for Biryani and Kheer to reach our homes and it was so much fun. Now that Ramzan is here I created a very simple yet festive makeup look which can be…

Smokey eyes

For all you make up lovers specifically who are new to makeup and trying to get those perfect eye looks this post is for you